James Ross Specialty Manufacturing Services

For over 55 years James Ross Limited has been a leading supplier of Pulp & Paper Equipment. ​ As a member of the IBS Paper Performance Group, James Ross Ltd is supported by and global network promoting the latest innovations in manufacturing and design for the pulp & paper industries.

For more information on James Ross Limited, please visit their website at www.jamesross.ca

James Ross Limited, based in Elizabethtown, Ontario, Canada, provides a wide range of machining and manufacturing services to the paper industry.

Getting to Know IBS in North America

The IBS Paper performance group is based in Teufenbach, Austria, but has a long history in North America as well. Beginning with the first IBS of America office in Chesapeake Virginia in 1979, the North American group has grown to include five separate companies including the most recent acquisition Papertech, located in Vancouver British Columbia. Over the coming months, please check back to this blog for updates on the activities and offerings of all the companies listed on this website. As the needs of consumers change, the paper industry looks to IBS for ways to develop new products and increase efficiency in their operations.